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  • Grand Ballroom

    Begin your evening with cocktails in the lobby, followed by a grand celebration in the Aria Grand Ballroom, dancing the night away under the glimmer of our statement chandeliers! The Aria Grand BallRoom offers the perfect location for event possibilities, from wedding receptions to large corporate gatherings, with its sprawling balcony, vaulted ceilings, expansive dance floor, and versatile floor plan.

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    Capacity: 250 Seated I 300 standing

  • Crystal Ballroom

    Step into the epitome of modern elegance at the Crystal Ballroom, where timeless sophistication meets contemporary charm. This iconic ballroom seamlessly blends classic architectural elements with cutting-edge design, creating a space that exudes a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.

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    Capacity: 150 Seated I 200 Standing

  • Lobby

    Step into a realm of grandeur as you enter the lobby adorned with spectacular chandeliers and soaring ceilings, defining opulence at its finest. The space is a symphony of elegance and architectural brilliance, instantly captivating guests with its timeless beauty.

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    Capacity: 40 Seated | 150 Standing

  • a dining room table

    Rumi Board Room

    Discover the versatile allure of the Rumi Board Room – a space that seamlessly transitions between intimate gatherings, get-ready suites, and inspiring classes and workshops. This thoughtfully designed room is a sanctuary of flexibility, offering an ideal setting for a range of events with its unique blend of comfort and functionality.

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    Capacity: 40 Seated | 45 Standing

  • Garden

    Step into the enchanting embrace of our Garden Space, a picturesque haven designed to elevate outdoor events and ceremonies to a sublime experience. Nestled amidst nature's beauty, this verdant oasis offers a captivating blend of tranquility and sophistication, making it the perfect canvas for your special occasions.

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    Capacity: 200 Seated | 300 Standing